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The Institute

Location of the Biomedical Center Venusberg, Bonn: Building 13, Venusberg- Campus 1, 53127 Bonn, Telephone: 0228/287-51300 (in front of emergency room)

The Biomedical Center

BMZ Front

The Institute of Pharmacology and Toxycology (IPT) is located in the Biomedical Center 1 (BMZ). The BMZ was build in 2009 and houses a broad range of several institutes and working groups dedicated to life sciences. These institutes and groups are part of the University of Bonn or the University Hospital of Bonn.  







BMZ innenThe building contains three parts and has four floors. One part contains the laboratories and one part the offices. They are connected via a lobby and the so calles "Himmelsleitern" ("ladder to heaven"). The third part contains two lecture halls and a cafeteria


The IPT and its offices is located in the third floor. You can find our labs on several floors. 





 Photos: University Hospital of Bonn

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