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Research Associations

The Institute of Pharmacology and Toxycology is part of several research associations and networks.

PharmaCenter Bonn 



The major aim of the PharmaCenter Bonn (PZB) is to investigate pharmaceutical principals and to develop novel therapeutic approaches. The latter encompasses the development of new drugs, the study of mechanisms of action, and research on and development of experimental therapies, for example, based on stem cells or RNA interference.

As an interface of basic research to application (in the form of new drugs and therapies), the PZB plays an important role in the integration of all major participants in this process. In particular, the PZB provides a link between basic biomedical research at the University of Bonn and other research institutions (caesar, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Helmholtz research centers) to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies (especially LIFE & BRAIN GmbH) and to the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM).

Finally, it is an important goal to initiate cooperation between the PharmaCenter and the neighbouring universities (ABCD-Universities: Aachen-Bonn-Cologne-Düsseldorf), the Max-Planck Institute for the Biology of Ageing in Cologne and the Fraunhofer-Institute in St. Augustin.

The Pharma Center Bonn (PZB) is member of the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium.  This consortium is  a professinonal society dedicatede to building the community of academic drug discovery lab and the companies, universities and goverment agenties that support and partners with these centers.

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Bonn International Graduate School of Drug Sciences (BIGS DrugS)


BIGS DrugS was founded in the year 2010. It is part of the BIGS (Bonn International Graduate Schools) umbrella program for structured doctoral programs at the University of Bonn. BIGS DrugS offers talented young scientists a three-year structured PhD training program in the field of drug research related to biomedical disciplines. BIGS DrugS students work on their individual PhD research projects. In parallel they participate in the comprehensive BIGS DrugS education program that includes workshops, lectures, colloquia and symposia. Mentoring is performed by two experienced scientists, the direct PhD supervisor and a co-supervisor. BIGS DrugS aims at creating an optimal research and education environment for PhD students and provides support for a successful scientific career development. 


Project speaker: Prof. Dr. Christa E. Müller, Prof. Dr. Alexander Pfeifer


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Graduiertenkolleg 1873


The Research Training Group 1873 (RTG 1873) - funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) - offers a three-year, English language PhD-program with the scientific focus on "Pharmacology of 7TM-receptors and downstream signaling pathways".

 The interdisciplinary RTG combines scientific expertise in the area of pharmacology and pharmacy. The following disciplines and departments form the RTG:

  • Pharmacology & Toxicology (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Pharmaceutical Biology (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
  • Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)
  • Physiology (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Immunology (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences)


The qualification program provides a curriculum which assures that each PhD student has an understanding of the core knowledge in pharmacology including the molecular and cellular basis of drug action as well as of disease mechanisms with a focus on 7TM-signaling.


Project speaker: Prof. Dr. Alexander Pfeifer

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