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Nanomagneto-Assisted Targeting of Progenitors and Stem Cells to the Heart In Vitro and In Vivo - Roell/Fleischmann

Regenerative medicine in the cardiovascular system aims at restoring physiological heart rhythm and myocardial contractility to the diseased heart using gene therapy and/or cell replacement approaches. However, one of the major obstacles remaining is the selective targeting of specific cells for the genetic manipulation and/or the precise positioning of progenitors/stem cells for stem cell replacement approaches. We will address these problems by using a combination of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) and lentiviral vectors (LV) for the site restricted transduction of cardiac muscle cells and fibroblasts to express specific ion channels or connexins and impart de novo pacemaker-like function or improved electrical coupling, respectively. In addition, we will position progenitors and stem cells to specific sites within the injured heart to enhance engraftment and long term function using MNPs/LV-based labeling of the cells in combination with custom made magnets.

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