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Magnetic field design for efficient 3D-targeting of MNP/Cargo and MNP loaded cells in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo - Gleich/Wolf

The aim of this project is to generate tailored magnetic fields to optimize MNP-assisted gene transfer and cell positioning within the research unit.
The first step of the design of the magnetic field generator is the determination of the basic geometry using analytical equations. Next, the geometry will be optimized by numerical field calculations. Furthermore, the trajectories of the magnetic nanoparticles have to be calculated with respect to the physiological boundary conditions like blood flow and pressure, size and location and geometry of the target tissue.
It is possible to estimate the amount of particles, which can be retained by the external magnetic field source, by combining the numerical field-calculations with structural mechanics, hydrodynamics and with the magnetic properties of the particles or complexes. During all those consecutive steps we will construct and test several prototypes. According to these results adequate – with respect to spatial and time dependent fields as well as static fields - magnetic field sources will be built. In an iterative approach combining experiments with the partners of the research unit, the field sources, as well as the underlying physical model, will be optimized
We aspire a magnetic field that will be able to exactly transport and position nucleic acids, viral particles and MNP-labeled cells in vitro and even in complex tissues.

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