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Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Bonn
Biomedical Center, Building No. 13
Venusberg-Campus 1
53127 Bonn
Phone: +49 228-287-51300

Our Institute is located in the area of University Clinic Bonn and part of the Biomedical Center (building No. 13) opposite to Notfallzentrum, 2nd floor, room 014 (Secretariat). The entrance is at the long side of the building.
You will enter Biomedical Center through 2 sliding doors and turn right. There is a telephone box next to the door. Please register yourself: Press button "telephone earphone", dial No. 51300 and wait for the signal.

University Clinic Bonn

By car:

One can park in the parking garage (08) (parking costs). Leave the garage opposite to the entrance and pass the archway on the left. Turn directly right (in front of 20) and follow this way to the long side of Biomedical Center and use the entrance opposite to Notfallzentrum.


From the airport:

We recommend to take a taxi from the airport Cologne-Bonn to the Medical Center Bonn. This will take you approximately 30 minutes. Alternatively take bus route  #SB60 to Bonn main station.

Bus to Bonn Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) - Bus No. SB60
from: Flughafen Köln Bonn
to: Bonn Hauptbahnhof


From the main station:

Go to Busbahnhof

  • Go to bus terminal A1.

From Bonn Hauptbahnhof to our Institute:

from: Bonn Hauptbahnhof
to:      Uniklinikum Nord
with Bus No. 600 or 601


Map bus terminal Bonn:



Bus stops to Venusberg are at A1marked in orange. Main Station Bonn is marked in red on the plan. (see map bus terminal Bonn) 

Busline 600 and 601 from main station to bus stop "Uniklinikum Nord".

Cross the street at the traffic light and walk between parking garage (08) and Lehrgebäude (10) to the archway. Take the way directly right in front of building 20. Follow this way along the Biomedical Center to the entrance at the long side opposite to Notfallzentrum.
Have a good journey.


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